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Custom cabinetry means we build and finish your cabinets and furniture in our local shop.  Doing so allows us to maximize your space with more versatility and a wider variety of options. 


     You sit down with us while we listen to what you loved and disliked in previous kitchens, find out how you use your kitchen, and what you have seen and loved in other kitchens.  


      We will share our many ideas that come from being in the business for 25+ years.  Custom Cabinetry means you get what you want for your money in the room where most people spend 70% of their home time.

     We will build a kitchen that fits your cooking and home design needs, rather than letting stock cabinet sizes dictate which cabinet will fit in your space. By not using prefabricated standard sized “boxes” (which only come in 3 inch increments), we are able to utilize every square inch of your kitchen without the use of fillers, or dead unreachable or unused space.  We come to your site, take exact measurements of your kitchen and figure out how to best maximize your floor plan for a highly efficient fully functional kitchen.

     The finish work on your doors and casework will also be done by our hands in our local cabinet shop by our master craftsmen.  This offers you a better variety of stains, colors, and finishes to select from. 


     Custom cabinetry offers efficiency, quality, creativity and functional beauty that can’t be found in prefabricated stock boxes from a factory.

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